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Beware Of Cheatings And Thefts By Culprits!

Dear Clients,

As you are aware, we have made our website as open for Non-Members also with the sole objective of enabling Speedy Settlement of Marriages among our community. The gesture has been well appreciated and applauded by almost everyone who consider this as a real boon for finding suitable alliances. To ensure some confidentiality, as a matter of policy, we never publish or part with the addresses and provide only phone numbers and Emails. Still we understand that in one or two cases, some culprits have managed to get the address from the concerned parties, visited their homes and stolen away some cash/jewels. Though such cases are very rare, we thought it fit to bring it to your notice, so that you can be little more careful and tactful before parting with addresses or entertaining any visits.

Whenever any phone call comes, it is better to ensure their genuineness by checking up their numbers by calling back. Wherever possible you can also seek their Registration numbers in ssmatri.com. It is also preferable to provide your mobile number for contact purpose instead of (BSNL) Land lines. Just because of some stray incidents, you need not become over cautious or suspect everyone. At the same time you can be prudent enough to ensure against such cheatings.

Incidentally we understand based on our profiles, our clients are getting frequent calls from other websites soliciting the profiles for free projection. In your own interest, we advise you not to agree for such requests. If they display your profile without your consent you have got every right to question them besides seeking deletion and further action if need be

We make it clear once again that we do not have any branch or any working arrangement with any one or recommend any alliance to anyone.

With Regards
Dr. N. Panchapakesan


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