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Login Procedure

  • For viewing Profiles with Full Details with Contact Numbers, Members have to click the Login Button.
  • After Clicking the Button, you have to furnish the User ID and Password in the Pop up slide.
  • User ID is nothing but your Registration Number. It is enough to just enter the number alone avoiding the prefixes such as BI, GI, BIG, GIG etc and the year of birth.
  • On Renewal Fresh Number will be allotted. You can enter the existing (Old) number or the new number for User ID.
  • Password will be provided by us by SMS/E-mail (specified for Primary Contact Purpose) on projection of the profile by us in our Website. It is an automatic process.
  • The password consists of minimum 6 Letters and Maximum 12 comprising of Numeric or Letters or Both. Letters can be entered in Capital or Small, since it is non - case sensitive.
  • Once you make the Login successfully the Login button will change as ' My Account', then whatever profiles you take with Contact Numbers will get recorded in ' Viewed Profile'.
  • The Password can be changed by you according to your convenience by following the stipulation regarding number of Characters through Change Password (Under My Account).
  • The Password is to be kept confidential and need not be passed on to anyone except your close relatives and friends who may also operate the Website on your behalf.
  • Better to note down the Password for your ready reference somewhere. In case you forget the Password, you can get the same through E-mail. The procedure is simple. By clicking Login you will find a ' Forgot Password' link. After clicking this you have to furnish your E-mail ID which should be the same as given in Registration Form for Primary Contact. Based on this, your Password will be sent to your E-mail address immediately by way of automatic process. In case of any difficulty you can contact us over phone also for necessary help/guidance again by using any of the phone numbers furnished in our site under Contact Us link.
  • Boys can see only Girls profiles and vice versa. However, the profile of the Concerned Member can be viewed in My Profile (under My Account) with full details including the contact number. Needless to say it is your duty to verify the correctness of data carefully and inform us if any modification is needed.
  • It is enough to Login only once after entering our website for viewing the profile with Contact Numbers.
  • You can also see the details relating to number of Profiles viewed and balance credit points available, Reg. Date, Renewal date etc. in Account Details link in My Account.


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