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Tariff & Schemes

Our Revised Tariff W.E.F. 19/04/2018

(Valid for 6 months)

Scheme-B (Normal Projection in Website)

Category New Regn. Renewal
Other Brahmins
(Telugu,Kannada,Marathi etc)
Differently Abled
Vedic Pandits (Qualified)

Scheme-C (Projection in Website + Charts by Post (Without Contact Numbers))

Category New Regn. Renewal

Add-on Facility for our Members

Scheme-D (Featured Profile Special Display)

Rs.500/- Extra per Month
Can opt for More Than one Month also.

Change of Photos

Maximum 2 Photos for Normal Profile and 5 Photos for Featured Profile.
Change of Photo allowed Freely on Renewals.
In other cases Rs.100/- per photo is charged.

We offer the following two schemes at present

Scheme B Display in Website :

  • Under this scheme the profiles are displayed in our website along with Horoscope & 2 photos (Which are optional but preferable). The Registration is valid for 6 months after which they have to be renewed. For prompt renewals we offer some concession in the Tariff as mentioned in the Table above.
  • Projection of Details in the website has got two advantages. It serves as a means of Advt. Based on the projection you are likely to get reasonable responses. Secondly you can quote the Regn. Number for others and enable them to access your profile immediately thereby making your communication simpler & faster.
  • Any modifications can be done in the profile free of charge over phone or E-mail or letter. However for change of photos we charge Rs.100/- per photo. However the time of Renewals, 2 photos can be replaced freely.

Scheme C - Display in Website & Postal (Without Contact Numbers) :

  • Under this scheme apart from display in Website we send our monthly charts also to our clients by courier post (around 10th of Every month) for a period of 6 months. This will be very handy & useful as ready reference for everyone & more so for elders who are not very comfortable with computers. We offer the postal scheme for Iyers & Iyengars only as we prepare monthly charts only for them.

Scheme D - For Special Display of Profiles :

  • This is a New Scheme introduced for the purpose of making Special Display of Profiles with additional Information and Photos in a separate Folio, so as to get focused attention, leading to more responses and early settlement of Marriage. The duration of the Scheme is restricted to one Month only and can be renewed if need be. Registration can be done for longer period also and will be renewed automatically by us Every Month.
  • Additional space is provided for Data relating to Self and Family and also Expectations. This is only an add on Facility for our Existing Clients registered under scheme B or C and hence no fresh Registration Number will be given.
  • However, separate Registration Form will have to be submitted, specimen copy of which is made available in the website (Registration Column). The scheme is bound to be useful for Everyone!

Appeal :

  • You will appreciate the fact that our Tariff rates are very minimal and inspite of impositions of service Tax & enormous increase in overheads we are keeping the Tariff rates unchanged for quite a long time in the interest of our clients!
  • We appeal to you to renew the profiles promptly without warranting reminders & ensure to keep your profiles alive in our website without getting vexed up over delay in marriage.

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