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List of Positive Responses for Our Clarion Call Against Horoscope Matchings

Dear Clients,

Gist of Feedback Received For My Message Against Horoscope Matchings.

Pranams and Greetings. I am delighted over the Tremendous Response for my Message. Many have applauded and opted for inclusion in the category which are being incorporated in their profiles. Many more have expressed their solidarity with my views but still hesitate to declare their stand openly due to one reason or other which is quite understandable. A few have expressed their resentment also. Views are bound to differ. In any case I express my sincere thanks for the prompt response. As I am keen to get the views of all our Clients, kindly respond if not done so for!

For the benefit of our Clients, we have listed below some of the Feedback. Further Feedback will also be added in the List. I am sure this will kindle the Thought process of one and all. With God’s grace and with all your Good Wishes and Support, I am confident the Movement against Matchings will gain more and more momentum in the days to come, resulting in speedy and proper settlement of Marriages, which is the wish of Everyone.

I once again appeal to you to come out of the clutches, declare your stand openly, accept all Stars equally, focus on all practical aspects only and ensure Happy and Timely Marriage.

With Regards
Dr. N. Panchapakesan

List of People who are not interested or keen in Horoscope Matchings along with their views

Sl.No ID No. Feedback
01 301278/84 Seeking alliance for my daughter. i am not at all interested in horoscope matching. let me set an example for others to follow.
Dr.N.Panchapakesan - founder
02 105693/77 not interested in horoscope matching
03 106166/83 totally agree with your approach
04 106156/78 As told by you several times, I also feel that great importance need not be given for Horoscope Match. I have not seen the H. matchings for my first daughter and my first son. With theGraceofGod they lead a very good life now.I would very happy if youprovideaseparatecolumn in the "Profile of the prospective Boys & Girls" some wordings like Horoscope Match- not insisted (but no objection the other side doing it).
05 107649/83 We appreciate your thoughts and very much agree to the points you stated. We look for a bride from a good family, who is educated and can take up responsibility.
06 106651/83 I am not very particular abt horos matching .As u hv suggested Manaporutham will do .This is my humble opinion.
07 24053/76 Great. Such kind of open opinion by an experienced person like you will help us to come out of our shells, but we will come slowly only, not suddenly.However thanks for your thought provoking articles.
08 107068/85 I fully agree and endorse your views.
09 102590/85 I do agree with your views about horoscope matching.(Especially about two astrologers never agreeing Still somehow not able to make a bold secession to conduct the marriage without matching the horoscopes. Anyways at least we have started thinking!!!
10 106297/80 We do not believe very much in horoscope
11 104083/84 not intrested in horoscope matching.
12 107439/85 As you said old habits die hard. we are scared
to proceed without following our custom. we are leaving it to god and trusting him though we do not go in deep still we have to convince our elders at home.
13 105979/82 I am so happy to hear this from you. I too strictly believe in only manaporutham
14 104553/82 I thank you whole-heartedly for this revolutionary step taken from your end. I will certainly go through the contents and do the needful.
15 106922/77 I fully agree with you. Horoscope matching is not a must as for as my son is concerned
16 105164/79 we do not believe horoscope matchings ; we have no objection in brahmin subcastes/ gothrams and even iyer / iyengar / telugu brahmin divisions.all the best for your efforts.
17 105624/85 My suggestion is as both boy and girl are career oriented we have to seewhether marriage willsupporttheir careers.If that is ok then both boy and girl should like each other. All other things should play very minor roll only.I fully agree with your viewand give my consent to list my son's profile separately.Alsowe are willing to share 50% of marriage expenses.You can classify us in above 1 crore and below 5 crores.
18 106121/86 I fully agree with you and expect to turn the things as proposed by you,My son also endorses the same view
20 89688/87 To some extend we also accept with your views. In our opinion also we feel Manaporuthem is more important thananything else.
21 106088/82 Horoscope Matching not Required
22 106755/84 I fully agree and endorse your views expressed above. I shall certainly try my best to impliment same with me as well as spread this message among our community at large so that an appreciable change can come.
23 105562/76 Horoscope matching is Option for Us.
Manaporutham will lead to better compatability and success in Wedded Life!
24 89584/87 We are not interested in horoscope matching
25 105585/83 Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on the contentious issue of "Horoscope Matching "..... It is very true that saying
"Yes" a Horoscope - which has been approved by the' other side has become an Ego Matter...." No Two AstrologersEver Agree".
In many a case - the parents reject a profile simply because the vadhu's star is either Moolam, Ayilyam, Kettai, etc etc.....as if the
son/ daughter is responsible for being born with that particular star would be happy if the parents of prospective brides or bridegrooms look at your circular with the right frame of mind and then resume search for their daughter in law or son in law..For our part - we are wholeheartedly for a system which would ensure that the most important criteria of marriage would be" Boy likes Girl and Girl likes Boy"......
26 89547/85 I admire your openness Many people still believe in Horoscope matching and all other things they can think about .It is pretty difficult to convenience, many people still think, it is a must When people question , sub-sects in Brahmins , and refuse to marry in other sub-sects, I wonder how the things like horoscope matching cab be remedied.I appreciate your thinking
27 301109/86 We fully agree with your views about horoscope. But I observe non matching of horoscopes is taken as an excuse for rejection .In our case, you may indicate our disinterest in horoscope matching. In response to your earlier message about family status, it may be mentioned that we belong to upper middle class and own a flat each at mumbai and coimbatore.
29 105034/80 i fully agree with your view. i am also searching bride for my son for the
last 23 years, but not succeded because of one or more reason -horoscope matching
- not interested to go abroad
- other reason I request you to find out parents who are prepared for mind agreement.My sons id no is 105034/80. But i got one request the girl should be educatedeither arts or commerce. If she wants she can work at Muscat.
30 107595/80 I fully appriciate and agree that the horo matching is not the only way to have good aliances and have peace married life. It is more required on the couples to adjust with each other in the life that is why it is called as life partner. I hereby agree to mark my sons profile which has been shown in the subject colome in horo matching is not needed or not interested which ever u feel suitable in your web site
31 106022/83 Our regn no 106022 Ramantha sarma .We are not particular about horoscope matching part.We are ready to accept proposals of like minded girls.Please enlist our ID 106022 along with horoscope match not essentail category
32 107504/78 I totally agree with your view and I would like to have alliance for my son # 107504/78as per your view except with their mutual conscent and interaction
33 72771/83 I fully agree with you regarding horoscopes.... when we decided not to seek horoscope matching n approached bride's parents they are very keen about horoscope matching!!!When will these people change!!!
34 102631/78 please include my id -102631/78, for Manaporutham alone, and our family property worth 60lacs.
35 106363/74 Wearefully agreeingyour views. We are interested in seeking alliance through manaporutham (ie with out matching a horoscope)
36 105742/80 Horoscope match is not required for us
37 105218/80 Thank you for your thought-provoking message. You are doing a noble service. I appreciate the fact that unlike other matrimonial websites which are run on commercial basis, yours is for the benefit of the society, keeping the cost to the minimum. Whether to settle an alliance on the basis of horoscope cannot easily be decided by one person in the family, as you may be aware. Opinions of the elders in the family too are important. You have taken the initiative in this regard. It will gather momentum after some time..
38 106561/80 What you have said is 100% correct. I pray the almighty to make the same wavelength in all the minds of the children and theirparents.
39 103995/82 First of all Iam writing this e-mail togreet and thankyou for adopting a philanthropic approach in running this matrimonial site. I dont find any one else doing this.I am a registered client of ss matrimonial since October 2011. From the beginning I am impressed with your ideologiesand your views on life partner search particularly on astrology and horoscopes
40 107715/84 We don't give preference for HOROSCOPE.
41 105528/79 Thank you for your message. I got this really meaningful. I completely agree,the delay could also be caused by paying more importance rather than looking at Manaporutham
42 107270/83 we are willing to marry a GIRL on Manaporutham. Let some Revolution starts in our Community so that all the young girls and boys are get married in their age to enjoy their married life.
43 105258/81 I fully agree with you. We are not interested in horoscope matching.If necessary, let the vadhu’s side verify and match the horoscope. You can mention this in the profile.
44 107696/77 Kindly enroll my son’s number in the above list and do the needful at the earliest please.
45 301031/87 I am looking for only good looking and good qualified employed boy with maximum age difference of four years for my daughter. I am not interested in horoscope matching
46 107498/83 Regarding horoscope matching, we accept the manaporutham concept, but most of the people are not follow that for his or her serching a profile.
47 104234/81 I welcome your thought provoking and practical ideas to be followed in our community while fixing the marriages of our wards. As a gesture of appreciation I have decided to make it followed by me:
My son Chi.S.Srinivasan's profile No.104234(New No.107864) is available in your website. Please incorporate the following therein at appropriate place."Own a house. Horoscope matching not required."
48 105671/78 I strongly and happily welcome your views regarding this. I would like
to enroll my brother’s registration number for the same.
49 107551/80 We agree with your views and dont insist on horsocope match.
You can include a coloum in the original profile itself to this effect.
50 102549/78 I will fully support and would like to enlist my profile
51 105284/81 I would like to see the family back ground of the Girl only and not keen on horoscope matching.
52 105193/83 your msg regarding manaporutham is 100% true. we are fed up with the horoscope matching. anyway we can not be blamed for that as we do not see horoscope matching at all. you can put in my son’s profile that horoscope matching is not a compulsory criteria for proceeding further. if the girl and the boy like each other, then where does the horoscope comes. please you can put it in his profile, so that so many good alliances are going because of horoscope matching.
53 104336/74 I would like to enroll my son's name in the list of Profiles who don't want to go by Horoscope and Star matches. I wish to inform you that I fully agree with your views after viewing your article on the above subject.
54 105757/82 Horoscope matching not required at our end. but we used to go for matching since most of girl's side insists. Please incorporate in my son's profile that we are NOT for matching of horoscope and the 'mana porutham' is most important.
55 105987/82 Horoscope matching not a Must
56 107652/82 Horoscope match is not required
57 300579/91 Horoscope Matching not Required
58 105987/82 Horoscope matching is not required
59 300136/87 We are not interested in horoscope matching
60 105987/82 Horoscope Matching Not Required
61 300579/91 Horoscope Matching Not Required
62 106088/82 Horoscope Matching Not Required
63 106854/83 Doesn't bother about Horoscope matching.
64 105289/82 Horoscope Matching Not required
65 104833/78 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
66 73512/82 Horo. Matching not required
67 300721/82. Not interested in Horoscope Matching
68 105472/86 Not keen on horoscope match
69 105570/82 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
70 107214/86 Not keen on horoscope match
71 103741/81 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
72 106256/82 Horoscope  Matching not required
73 107662/79 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
74 300634/85 Horoscope Matching not required
74 73487/84 Horoscope Match not a must
75 105979/82 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
76 104547/82 Not keen on horoscope match
77 89792/73 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
78 104553/82 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
79 104694/78 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
80 105241/85 Not interested in Horoscope Match
81 300724/83 Not keen on horoscope match
82 300983/85 Horoscope Matching not required
83 107715/84 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
84 106711/77 Not keen on horoscope match
85 104889/88 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
86 300172/85 Thank you very much for your circulars to boycott horoscope matching. All are useful and timely. I  am also one of the victims of this "evil practice", struggling for the past 18 months to fix the marriage to my second daughter. So I have decided to join in your list against Horoscope Matching.
87 108006/78 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
88 104568/82 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
89 107492/86 Not interested to go through deep on  matching of horoscope
90 106384/78 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
91 105063/83 Horoscope Matching not required
92 106945/83 Horoscope Matching not required
93 73249/74 Horoscope Matching not required
94 73250/77 Horoscope Matching not required
95 106689/79 Horoscope Matching not required
96 106148/77 Horoscope Matching not required
97 106526/80 Horoscope Match not a must
98 106192/81 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
99 -- I read with pleasure your message on horoscope matching.  I agree with your message in toto.  As per the saying, all astrological slogas are not available with us.  So,our astrological study may not be complete.  As per another saying Lord SUBRAMANYA had cursed astrological study that the predications will not be always correct. In this back ground we can ignore the horoscope matching and take up
the compatibility aspects alone. A certain person wanted to purchase a housing site in Chennai.  He wanted the site facing south on a 40ft. road, not a corner plot, among nicely built houses. That too in a central location in Chennai. Vasanreal estate finally got such a site. When this was shown to the above said person, he immediately wished to contact a kerala astrologer to get his opinion by a PRASNAM.  Ultimately, the PRASNAM gave a negative reply. And the person lost the Golden opportunity of owning andconstructing a house of his own over there. Perhaps this is the result of horoscope matching as well. Agreeing with your message after conducting the marriage as per horoscope matching, when we do not have a boy or girl to be married, is not correct.
100 73496/71 Horoscope Matching Not Required
101 105846/81 Horoscope Matching Not Required
102 105911/82 Horoscope Matching Not Required
103 107748/84 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
104 105254/81 Horoscope Matching Not Required
105 103860/78 Emphasising on manaporutham
106 107868/81 Horoscope Matching Not Required
107 105244/79 Horoscope Matching Not Required
108 73496/71 Horoscope Matching Not Required
109 106250/82 Horoscope Matching Not Required
110 105703/78 Horoscope Match Not Necessary
111 301513/86 Horoscope Matching Not Required
112 300280/83 Horoscope Matching Not Must
113 105021/85 Not Insisting on Horoscope Matching
114 106179/79 Not Interested In Horoscope Matching
115 107864/81 Horoscope Matching Not Required
116 104522/81 Horoscope Matching Not Particular, left to the discretion
117 107892/82 Horoscope Matching not necessary
118 106301/78 Horoscope Matching Not Required
119 106466/78 Horoscope Matching Not Required
120 3382/85 Horoscope matching is no need
121 107098/83 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
122 106329/82 Horoscope Matching Not Required
123 108404/74 Horoscope Matching Not Required
124 107001/85 Horoscope Matching Not Interested
125 109310/73 Horoscope Matching not a Must
127 302161/88 Horoscope Matching not required
128 108862/84 Horoscope Match not a must, Manaporutham is ok
129 107139/81 Horoscope Matching Not a Must
130 109812/82 Horoscope matching at the discretion of girl's side.
131 3449/78 Horoscope Matching Not Required
132 107964 / 83 Not Interested in Horo. Matching.
133 112001 / 80 Not Required in Horo. Matching
134 110381 / 77 Horoscope matching not required
135 112792 / 71 Horoscope matching not required
136 111803 / 82 Horoscope Matching not compulsory
137 24402 / 87 Horoscope Matching Not Required
138 112370 / 80 Not interested in horoscope matching
139 303959 / 87 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
140 110805 / 77 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
141 303359 / 81 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
142 114642 / 77 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
143 112688 / 81 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
144 114543 / 84 Not Much Priority in Horoscope Matching
145 110995 / 83 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
146 114302 / 83 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
147 113289 / 82 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
148 115680 / 77 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
149 113994 / 79 Not keen on Horoscope Matching
150 3514 / 79 Not Interested in Horoscope Matching
151 115215 / 83 Horoscope matching is not required
152 113952 / 78 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
153 115079 / 85 Not interested in Horoscope Matching
154 115686 / 81 Horoscope matching is not a must
155 74805 / 84 Not Keen on Horoscope matching



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